britneyxtina (britneyxtina) wrote in allcelebgossip,

Charlie Sheen OFF THE MARKET!?! Marries for the 3r time to Finance Brooke Mueller

well ladies....i posted yesterday how i had wonderful news of sexy George Clooney a Single Bachelor AGAIN!  and today not so great news! hahaha ;)   well...i just found out....that sexy and hot Charlie Sheen got Married for the third TIME to Fiance Brooke Mueller!! yup yup they apparently tied the knot on Friday at a small ceremony in LA!!   AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAA!!  hahaha ;)   well...i know they were dating for that past few years...but it doesn't really get to you until they actually tie the knot and get hitched!! and then it sinks in that hey...CHARLIE SHEEN IS OFFFFF THE MARKET!!!  one down one out!!?? hahha 
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