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Welcome gossip-seekers!! We have just a few simple rules here.


1. Some entries are friend's only, some aren't. It's not required to make them friend's only. Join to see them all. You have to join to comment, anyway.

2. You are encouraged to post stories! When you post, you must have a source to back it up with. Check to make sure what you writing about hasn't already been posted. And if something is not work safe (i.e. contains nudity or other questionable material) please label it so people don't get in trouble with their bosses, mothers, etc. :)

3. You can snark about the celebs, not the community members. If you have a problem, concern or question about anything at all talk to one of the mods and we'll sort it out.

4. We'd love it if you'd promote us in your journal or on your userinfo page! Get a promotion banner or button on this page.

5. Promotions to the community are not acceptable, unless you ask permission from one of the mods.

Community Mod

Please contact me if you have a question, concern, or problem by email only - please don't come to my personal journals. Also, please make the subject - "allcelebgossip."

email: sunshine_tsw_2000@hotmail.com

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