britneyxtina (britneyxtina) wrote in allcelebgossip,

George Clooney SINGLE & ON THE MARKET AGAIN???!!!!

Hi ladies....NEWS NEWS TO MY EARS...has everyone already heard about this wonderful news...hahaha...or rather maybe sad to some pple ;) hahhaaa   Sexy,  George Clooney Single Bachelor AGAIN!?  hmmm...George Clooney back on the market ladies...not that we could ever have him!! ;)  but hey...we could surly dream of him! lol ;)  hot and handsome George Clooney apparently brock up with Sara Larson, and this is" According to InTouch Clooney is not longer with girlfriend Sarah Larson! "  uhhuh ;)  although it mentioned George being "GAY" or something!!?!!?!?!?!?!  WHAT??!?!   so I wanna know how many ladies are into George Clooney...COMMENT PLEASE... ;)
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