blackrose_42 (blackrose_42) wrote in allcelebgossip,

Is that you Baby Suri?

Vanity Fair has bought the rights to publish the first official pictures of Suri Cruise, but to hold you over until they do this is supposedly a shot of Suri taken as photographers were getting aerials of Tom Cruise's mansion. I don't doubt that it's Suri, I just can't see or make her out. It might as well be a picture of a tree with the caption: "Suri Cruise hides behind a tree." Clearly there are colors involved here. And shapes. But the genetic composite of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? I don't think I have the testicular fortitude to make such wild and crazy allegations.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There are some more pictures at the source but you still can't tell anything. I really think this child doesn't exist. Or maybe she has a deformity. Or maybe Tom Cruise is keeping her captive in his Scientology Lair.

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