blackrose_42 (blackrose_42) wrote in allcelebgossip,

gossip snippets

Each snippet has a place that links to the source it came from.

- Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson have separated after nearly six years of marriage.

- Brad Garrett and Jill Diven secretly divorced a year ago after seven years of marriage, not even telling his coworkers or his parents.

- Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards announced on August 14th that they've reached an amicable resolution to their divorce case, though no other details were revealed.

- Lou Diamond Phillips was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of domestic abuse against his live-in girlfriend.

- Carmen Electra officially filed for divorce from Dave Navarro.

- Kanye West got engaged to his girlfriend Alexis. West, 29, proposed to Alexis while overseas for two weeks recently, sources close to the singer tell PEOPLE.

- Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson are in a strange supermodel battle over who gets to be called "The Body."

- Paris Hilton's pet kinkajou, Baby Luv, bit her on the arm on August 11th while the two were playing. Paris called her publicist, Elliot Mintz, at about 3am and he took her to the emergency room where she spent a few hours at the hospital and received a tetanus shot.
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